iSci - Creates | Connects | Measures


Introducing iSci, powerful Research Management Information System for your institution


 iSci collects, measures and creates real time data from internal and external sources and offers a comprehensive solution for tracking your institution's research output, making your business decisions more strategically suitable.

Who needs iSci?

Policy makers


Research directors




Create a comprehensive researcher profile

  • - Researchers can create a complete profile of their academic achievements and generate up-to-date academic CV's from the data inputted and retrieved from various external sources.
  • - Public-facing profiles raise the visibility of your research and ease collaboration networking.
  • - Search and input your publications from DOI.
  • - Evaluate your grants, publications, projects and collaboration activities 
  • - Get a global overview of your research from your profile page


Keep track of the papers published by your researchers

  •  - Complete list and profile of each article published by your faculty members
  • - Easy drop down search option to filter articles by author, year of publication, article type etc.
  • - Track your Open Access publications and create repositories
  • - Understand which departments and members of staff publish in Open Access journals

 Powerful analytical reports

  • - Pull out live detailed reports about your institution's research output
  • - Understand your research performance and impact
  • - Get a global overview of your institution's achievements 
  • - Easily report and track publications by author, year of publication, faculty, publisher etc.