Journal support services

Journal support: what does it cover?

  • - Indexing in relevant databases (Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed, DOAJ etc.)
  • - Customised journal theme 
  • - Hosting on a secure server
  • - DOI attribute for each article and CrossRef membership
  • - Online article submission and decision system 
  • - Coordination the whole publishing process between author, editor in chief, language editors, peer reviewers and editorial board
  • - Preparation of the production process (copy edit, proof reading, text conversions etc.)
  • - Management of dissemination and marketing

Your university, your research, your journal

Are you a University looking to publish or already publishing your own journal? Are you finding the publishing process daunting, too time-consuming or costly?

With eScienta  publishing support services, you can leave the publishing process to our team, knowing that your journal will meet the international publishing standards and that each issue will reflect the quality of you research, in a timely manner.

Your journal, on your terms

Although eScienta acts as a tremendous support to Universities and their journals, we will always leave the choice of the articles to be published to the editor in chief, the reviewers and the editorial team.