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Publishers Rep



eScienta takes care of the sales and marketing promotions for your journals, print and electronic books to universities, medical institutions and consortia.

We offer the latest academic resources and specialist knowledge to libraries who wish to set up or improve their digital library, whilst promoting our global publishing partners’ products. 

Our services

Print Books & Journals

eBooks & eJournals

Training Workshops

Marketing & Promotion

eBooks and eJournals 

We analyse the needs for each potential customer to offer them the most appropriate digital content.  We ensure that each customer is given each publisher's information and are explained their sales model. We liaise between customers and publishers for setting up trials, promote publisher's content prior and during this trial period, provide necessary training among the users. We also adapt to our partner needs and publishers can choose to either connect their sales manager to negotiate directly with customers. eScienta can also act as an intermediary and communicate with each customer on behalf of the publisher.

Print Books and Journals

eScienta will assess the needs of each institutional customer and provide them the print books and journals list of our partner academic publishers.

Training Workshops

eScienta will encourage potential customers to set up publishers' trials and will provide necessary platform training among the users on a regular basis.

Marketing and Promotion

We maintain close relationships with institutional customers, which allows us to have a detailed understanding of their demands and expectations. eScienta can also take care of the marketing and promotional activities on behalf of our partner publishers, allowing them to focus on future campaigns.